Sauce Up Your Ready-to-Eat Salads

A must-have for today’s busy consumers, ready-to-eat meals are a staple of any pantry. Healthy, affordable, and convenient, Table One’s Ready-to-Eat meals have it all— they even come with a fork! The home-style recipes are crafted with all-natural, non-GMO ingredients without added preservatives, so you can enjoy a delicious, plant-based meal anytime and anywhere.

But for those days when you have a few extra minutes on your hands, mixing up a quick sauce can upgrade your ready-to-eat meal into a customized culinary creation. In some cases, a few extra ingredients can completely transform your dish.

Level Up Your Lentil Salad

  • Turn into a dip for dinner parties by tossing with a Cowboy Caviar vinaigrette

  • Add a pre-made curry sauce and serve over rice for a filling and flavorful Indian-inspired dinner

  • Use as a base for tacos with some pico de gallo and shredded cheese

  • Add as a filling to pita pockets with fresh chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, and hummus

Get Creative with Quinoa

  • Transform ready-to-eat quinoa salad with a velvety avocado crema and some fresh veggies to create a protein-packed Buddha bowl

  • Bake inside bell peppers for a quick and easy stuffed pepper dinner

  • Stir into some whisked eggs for a protein-packed frittata

  • Mix into last night’s chili to extend the life of your leftovers

Perfect Your Pasta

  • Whip up a rich tuna pasta with a creamy yet healthy tomato-based sauce

  • Stir in to a basic cheese sauce for a warm and satisfying tuna mac and cheese

  • Bake with tomato sauce and ricotta for a lasagna-inspired pasta casserole

  • Toss with a lemon yogurt vinaigrette for a zesty pasta salad

Go Wild with our Wild Rice Salad

  • Use as a stuffing for sweet potatoes, topping with a sweet balsamic glaze

  • Warm your stomach on a chilly day by adding to a bowl of your favorite soup

  • Roll into a tortilla with beans for a quick Tex-Mex burrito

  • Bake with cream of chicken soup for a quick and easy rice casserole

  • Fold into lettuce wraps with shredded chicken and teriyaki sauce


So, there you have it! Table One’s Ready-to-Eat meals can be enjoyed straight from the package or as a base for countless other recipe creations. When throwing together a delicious, protein and fiber-packed meal is this easy, the inspiration is endless!