Level Up Your Kid’s Lunches (Without the Extra Effort!)

Great for Getting Kids in the Kitchen

Cute, healthy, and oddly satisfying, bento boxes are the viral alternative to the traditional packed lunch that will have your kids excited to dig into a nourishing meal.

Originating in Japan, bento boxes are simply packed meals with compartments separating various types of food. These photogenic lunches have surged in popularity over the past few years, with the hashtag #Bento gaining over 2.6 billion views on TikTok and over five million posts on Instagram. But don’t be intimidated by flashy videos and viral posts– building a  bento box for your kids doesn’t have to involve a ton of extra effort or ingredients.

While bento boxes offer endless opportunities for culinary creativity, we like to keep it simple. Put together a no-cook bento in minutes with a few simple household ingredients.

  • Protein & Dairy

    • Instead of the traditional ham and cheese sandwich, roll up slices of thinly cut ham into cylinders

    • Stack a couple cubes of Havarti, Gruyere, or Swiss in the neighboring compartment

    • Alternatively, use bread stamps to create mini sandwich squares with cute animal faces

    • Add in a fun surprise like a boiled egg, mini cheese wheel, or protein balls made of old-fashioned oats and nut-free sunflower butter

  • Fruits & Veggies

    • Level up a fruit salad by using cookie cutters to turn watermelon and cantaloupe into fun shapes like stars, hearts, and animals

(Bonus: Eat the leftover trimmings as an easy snack for yourself!)

    • Pack fun veggies like sugar snap peas, baby carrots, or sliced bell pepper with a side of ranch or hummus for dipping

  • Grains

    • Use a rice mold to create adorable, easy-to-eat rice balls

    • Paper cupcake wrappers make great compartments for dry foods like crackers or whole-grain cereal

  • Dessert

    • Don’t forget to include at least one treat– organic gummies are a fun way to finish the meal

    • Any miniature desserts like mini muffins, cookies, or marshmallows, make a great addition to a bento box


The key to building the perfect bento box is choosing high-quality food products. With such a pared-down, ingredient-forward approach, flavor and freshness are even more important than usual. Table One is a one-stop shop for budget-friendly cheeses, smoked tuna, and ready-to-eat salads, giving your kids the high-quality lunches they deserve.

As cute as they are convenient, bento boxes are a quick and easy way to level up lunchtime. With variety at the forefront, your kids will be encouraged to try new foods and eat from different food groups. So go on– take a photo, #bentoboss!