Extend Your Budget with Everyday Elevated Cheeses

Five Wallet-Friendly Ideas for Cheese Lovers

Whether served as an appetizer, entrée, or dessert, cheese is arguably the highlight of every meal. But as any cheese-lover knows, high-quality cheeses can put a strain on your wallet. At times, sacrificing on quality or foregoing your favorite cheese dishes altogether can feel like the only option.

Thankfully, you don’t have to choose between quality and savings. Table One offers a range of budget-friendly domestic and imported cheeses that set the standard for flavor. And with more flavor, a little bit goes a long way. So go ahead, elevate your favorite cheese dishes without breaking the bank!

  1. The Perfect Cheese Board

Everyone’s favorite appetizer at dinner parties or holiday get-togethers, cheese boards are a simple and sophisticated way of highlighting quality cheeses. Create the perfect cheese board by starting with a soft ripening cheese like Brie. Made in small batches in Canada, Table One’s French-style Brie is a luscious, buttery treat. For contrast, pair with a semi-hard or hard cheese such as Gouda. Table One’s Red Wax Gouda has a smooth texture with a sweet, nutty, and buttery flavor. Serve with a bunch of green grapes, water crackers, and jam.

  1. Make Salads More Fun

Chances are, if you’re not a fan of salads, you’ve only had the sad, wilting-lettuce and bland veggies variety. Make budget-friendly salads fun by adding in crowd-pleasing ingredients like cheeses, nuts, and dried fruits. For an authentic Greek salad, forgo the lettuce altogether by mixing up chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and olives with Table One Feta. Or, dress up mixed greens with a decadent combination of dried cranberries, walnuts, and Table One’s creamy and earthy blue cheese.

  1. Mac and Cheese, Please

The king of all comfort food, mac and cheese will always be a cheese-lover’s favorite. Elevate your recipe by mixing in some Italian, German, and Dutch cheeses. Table One’s Havarti originates from one of the largest sustainable and independently owned dairies in Germany. Its mellow, herbaceous taste and melting quality make it the perfect addition to a mac and cheese. Table One’s Edam is another excellent melting cheese with a mellow, slightly salty flavor, while Gruyère offers a full-bodied flavor with fruity undertones. Remember to top your pasta with a crispy breadcrumb parmesan topping.

  1. Elevated Grilled Cheese

Take your grilled cheese to the next level with some sophisticated cow’s milk cheeses like Fontina and Swiss. Pair Table One Red Wax Fontina with crispy apple slices and a drizzle of honey– the mild, tangy flavor of the cheese is complemented by the sweet additions. Or, pair Table One’s nutty and smooth German Swiss with fresh tomato slices for an upgrade of a classic.

  1. Don’t Forget Dessert

Cheese isn’t only for savory dishes. Create impressive desserts with the addition of high-quality cheeses from Table One’s line. Try a sweet and savory crème brûlée by incorporating blue cheese into the milk and cream mixture. Or, create a delightful baked brie with puff pastry and jam. For the more ambitious baker, try out a no-bake cheesecake with smooth and tangy Swiss.

Whatever your favorite cheese dish, Table One has the elevated, yet budget-friendly cheeses needed to take your recipes to the next level.