6 Easy Upgrades to Boost Your Picnic Game

Ideal for dates, parties, and families, picnics are the go-to dining activity for just about any occasion. But while rolling out a blanket on a sunny afternoon never gets old, a few simple upgrades can elevate your picnic game to the next level. Make your next picnic outing stand out with these elegant (and easy!) ideas.

Set a Theme

Creating a theme is a great way to tie all the elements of your picnic together. Themes can help determine your picnic setting, and the types of food served, and even encourage your guests to dress up. Try an Alice in Wonderland theme, complete with tea sandwiches and red roses. Or, pack up sunhats and a nautical-print blanket for a beach-themed picnic. The options are truly endless.

Boost your Blanket

We all have a go-to picnic blanket crumpled in the back of our closet, but chances are, that old thing has seen better days. Upgrade your stained and wrinkled tablecloth with a padded, waterproof picnic blanket. Padded picnic blankets are not only more comfortable but also hold up better to weather and spilled drinks. The best part? Most padded picnic blankets are designed to fold up into totes, making them easy to transport and store away.

Pile on the Pillows

Even with a padded blanket, sometimes we still need a little extra cushioning. Upgrade your picnic setup with a couple of throw pillows or portable floor cushions. Pillows are great for both boosting your guests’ comfort and enhancing the overall layout of your picnic. Choose colors that pair with your picnic blanket or match your theme for a thoughtful design.

Ditch the Plastic

Instead of plastic utensils and paper plates, opt for the real deal. Real cutlery and plates will not only make your outdoor dining experience feel more sophisticated, but they are also a more sustainable option. Most picnic baskets are outfitted with straps to make transporting plates and utensils easy, so there’s no reason not to elevate your picnic gear.

Portable Picnic Tables

Ideal for bottles of champagne or an elegant presentation of cheeses, foldable low tables provides the perfect surface for keeping your picnic spread off the ground. These tables tend to be on the smaller side, so consider breaking them out for more intimate occasions, like picnic dates or an outdoor outing with your best friend.

Warm the Bench

If a full-sized picnic table is more your speed, try dressing it up with a few simple tweaks. Use a real tablecloth instead of plastic, securing your table with clothespins so that it won’t blow away. Fresh flowers as a centerpiece are a charming touch, and for an evening picnic, consider adding a few candles as well. Citronella candles will not only add to the ambiance but also work to keep the bugs away.

Whether you’re serving two or twenty, at the beach or in your backyard, Table One is the perfect addition to the menu. Combine the flavor of Table One cheese or the simplicity of Table One’s ready-to-eat salads with your picnic favorites for your next outing. These easy upgrades are guaranteed to boost your picnic game and have your friends planning your next outdoor meal before you’ve even finished dessert!